Thursday, July 24, 2014

Adorable Selfies

Here is a photo shoot that Theo and I had today.  He wasn't feeling well, so entertainment from the couch was a nice distraction. 

Well, This one is from the other day.  Holly was so wonderful and sent us tons of clothes for Ruby, and some bonus clothes for Theo.  He loved his new robot shirt and Buzz Lightyear pants!  Thanks, Aunt Holly!!!!

So we started looking at pictures on my phone, when Theo was concerned that there were no pics of Mommy.  We decided to take some selfies, and it just evolved into this...

Theo's approximations of my faces are too cute!

This one is a favorite

But when I busted out the curly tongue, he was histerical!  He had to lean forward to get a better look at my silly face!

Then of course he had to try it.

And this is me getting kicked in the face, which signaled the end of the shoot.  I love that boy so much, and I hope he never forgets how special he is to me, no matter how many babies come into our family!

Tuesday, July 22, 2014

I have some great guys in my family!

First off, Happy Birthday to Shelley!!! Sorry my baby will most likely not share with you.  I hope that you have lots of fun celebrating, and that all your wildest dreams come true!

We had a busy weekend. Saturday was the designated get the house ready for baby day.  This meant cleaning the carpets (finally. It was my dream to do it every year, but last summer rolled by and we never got around to it.  I figured the baby should get a clean carpet to start out on, since she might be spending a fair amount of time down there).  This process took much of the day, and Corbin was a dream and a half at doing it!  I prepped and vacuumed the house, but he was the master mind behind the actual machine.   He even did the car, and it all looks so beautiful!

Theo came out with his camera to take pictures, so I followed suit.  Anyways,  Corbin also set up our new air conditioner, returned the old one, dropped off books at the library, and transported the carpet machine all over town.  He even pulled out all the baby stuff from our storage closet.  I'm talking bassinet, baby swing, car seat, the works.  I sure love that husband of mine.

While he was busy slaving away, Theo and I took all the covers off the baby stuff and washed them. We set up the bassinet in our room, and filled it with toys to make sure it was secure. He was actually quite helpful in the fact that he went down for a nap, and slept through two hours of us using the vacuum and carpet machine, usually simultaneously.  What a champ. 

Theo was very adamant about testing out Ruby's stuff with his own baby.  We buckled and unbuckled her about five times in a row, then he held and patted her, whispering "you ok, baby?  Ok, baby?" and gave her a little kiss.  My heart absolutely melted.  He is going to be such a sweet and helpful big brother!

Speaking of how sweet he is, here is something funny from this morning.  I was in the bathroom at about 9:30, just gotten out of the shower and getting ready for the day. Theo was running around doing his thing, and I saw him walk past the door holding my phone.  He was talking to Grandpa, which I assumed was a pretend conversation.  Only after I chased him down a little did I see him hit the end call button, which means that Grandpa had received a 6:30 AM unsupervised call from Theo!  I guess they had had a lovely little conversation before Theo hung up.  They talked about breakfast, and Ruby, and dogs, so my dad told me later.  My dad called me back after I'd snatched the phone away, and I apologized profusely.  Luckily, he had already been awake, and was tickled about the whole thing. I guess he'd asked Theo if he had a little sister yet, which was a good guess (too bad not true). So I got to talk to my daddy for about 20 minutes, which was a lovely treat.  And now I know Theo can use my phone well enough to call someone in case of emergency!

Just for journaling sake, here are some things we've done. Corbin had a couple sweet gigs this weekend, and he is a rock star. I went on a girl's night out to Applebee's for some free water (I didn't actually order anything.  Thanks gestational diabetes for keeping me healthier than I might have been.  So ironic), and some trivia.  By the time I left, our team was very much behind, but it was really fun getting out of the house.

At my midwife appointment last week, I had a surprise ultrasound.  They like to do them late in the game with women who have gestational diabetes. I didn't mind the bonus view of my sweet baby.  This was the fourth one of the pregnancy, which is crazy compared to the one I had with Theo.  Ruby is looking good, in a great position, and roughly estimated to be 7 pounds.  It would be most convenient if she waited til my mom came, so we wouldn't have to worry about babysitting for Theo.  But I wouldn't mind one bit if she chose to come earlier than that.

Wednesday, July 16, 2014

The day I almost threw Theo out the window

I am now 38 weeks pregnant, and feeling it. This pregnancy has been so different from the first. So many more aches, so much more fatigue, so hot all the time.  Not to mention a two year old to keep me busy.

Yesterday, I was feeling especially tired in my body, and all I wanted to do is sit or lay down all day. I was sitting on the couch, when I realized I hadn't heard from Theo in a few minutes (always a dangerous sign).  I got up and found him on his step stool in the bathroom (also a bad sign).  I found his hands covered in petroleum jelly, and the scene below.

If you've never tried to clean up petroleum jelly before, it is a huge pain.  I count my blessings that he hadn't left the bathroom.  But I was pretty mad about it. I cleaned him up, gave him a time out, and locked myself in the bathroom armed with a roll of paper towels.  I don't know how long it took me to clean up, but I did have to take apart my hair dryer to get the goo out of the mesh on the back.

By this time, I was exhausted, but I knew this crime had happened out of boredom, so I was going to whisk us off to the Sciencenter. But as I opened the door, I saw this...

Theo has been getting into the fridge a lot lately, and I guess this was the perfect opportunity for him.  I am not a yeller, but I was so mad I yelled his name.  When his head popped out of my room, I pointed to the ground and said, "what is this?" 

That sweet little face said, "butter."  If I wasn't so mad, I would have laughed as I do now.  Instead, I told him it was timeout time again, and he must have seen the look in my eye, because he sat down right where he was.  I set a timer on my phone, because I knew I could have kept him there indefinitely.  I turned my back on him to try and breathe some calm into myself, but instead I cried.

After cleaning up yet another greasey mess, I slapped some shoes on us and we drove to the Sciencenter.  I wasn't sure how I was going to waddle up and down the stairs trying to chase him, but we had to leave the house.  Usually there are ten or eleven cars in the lot, but yesterday every single spot was full (luckily there was an open expectant mother's spot near the front, bless them).  Keeping track of Theo is hard, but keeping track of him when there are millions of other children running around is insane. 

Heavenly Father must have been paying special attention to Theo yesterday, seeing as he didn't get thrown out the window by his mother, or taken home on accident by another family. He must have also been watching out for me, because we'd arranged a Theo-free night.

At least I got this sweet lad to take a sweet picture at the Sciencenter.

Last night, our delightful friend Sara joined us for dinner, then watched Theo as Corbin and I toured the new maternity ward at the hospital.  It opened last week, and is pretty swanky.  Each room has a jacuzzi, and you know I be hitting that up. We even got frozen yogurt afterward, the closest thing I could have hoped for on a Tuesday night.

Theo using his spear head to chip away the rock wall, very diligently

Today has been good.  Corbin came on a lunch date with us to picnic at Ithaca falls. It's the perfect local, because it's a three minute "hike" to these beautiful falls. And I sure love what a wonderful daddy Corbin is.

Trying to fill our days so that waiting for this little girl to come is a challenge.  I want to keep us busy, but it's so hard to wrangle Theo when I can barely get around, myself.  We watch a lot of TV, and although I tell myself and others that it's ok at this point in our lives, I still feel the mother's guilt for turning Theo's brain to mush. We can't wait for Grandma to come and take care of us!

Saturday, July 12, 2014

Hodge Podge of Stories

 When your son gets to choose his own clothes...
 When your son is helping you fold laundry...
When your son eats a delicious pudding treat...

 Corbin is in intramural softball right now, and Theo and I got to attend the latest game.  It was a gorgeous day, and we had a great time.  I was impressed with how much Theo has grown in the last year, because last summer, he was running around the field and I was having to chase him non-stop, calling out commands that he either didn't understand (unlikely) or didn't care to heed (much more likely). This year, though, I sat on the blanket the whole game.  Corbin would entertain him while he waited to bat, and when they were in the outfield, Theo desperately wanted to go be with Daddy, but he listened to my instructions and stayed on the sidelines.  I count that as a little miracle, because it made the whole experience much less stressful on my hugely pregnant body, and way more fun.  Plus, Corbin is a dreamboat power hitter.

(written last night) Corbin had a gig tonight, but before he left, he helped me put Theo to bed, he did the dishes, cleaned up the kitchen, picked up the living room, and gave me a back rub. I was pretty near tears with how grateful I was, because all day I'd been feeling on the verge of being overwhelmed.  I knew I wanted help, I just didn't know what kind I wanted.  But Corbin made a huge difference tonight.  I'm so blessed to have a thoughtful and caring husband.

This morning, Corbin snuggled with Theo when he got up at 6, then they both got up at 7 and went to the grocery store to do the big shopping.  I love those boys, but I'm especially grateful for Corbin putting in the extra effort before being gone all day to record with his band.

I recently told Corbin a story from my childhood, but halfway through, realized it could have been a story about one of my sisters, or a made up memory all together.  So when I called my mom to confirm its truth, I was surprised to hear that it was me, it was true, and it happened when I was 4 or 5. 

Mom was driving me home from preschool, and I had a little art project paper in my hand.  I was sticking it out the window, letting it flutter around.  As I remember, Mom told me not to do that, because I could lose it, and I thought, "of course I won't drop it!"  But sure enough, the paper flew out of my hand.  I remember my mom stopping the car and running into traffic to grab my paper out of the street.  As I thought back on that, I was touched at my mom making the effort to retrieve my project, when she just as easily could have said, "I told you so," and drove home.  But it made a difference to preschool me.  I hope I can be as thoughtful and caring as my kids grow up.

Sunday, July 06, 2014

California Dreamin'

 Here is a melee of pictures in no particular order. Enjoy!

Theo and I went to the library and enjoyed the volunteer reader sharing some stories.  I think that would be a great way to volunteer!

Incredible selfie.

I finally gave in and started using the expectant mothers spot at the Sciencenter.  I'm certainly large enough, so I'm going to be in charge enough! #36weeks

Before our Californian trip, we had our lovely friends the Ludwinskis over for dinner.  Not only did Ashley bring a delicious salad, but a beautiful bouquet of flowers.  What a way to brighten my day!

On our way out to California, we were getting on a plane, and we noticed the cockpit door open.  While I pointed out all the fancy buttons to Theo, the pilot invited us in!  He let us sit in his chair, then both he and the co-pilot offered to take pictures!  Wow, these days this is a once in a lifetime opportunity!  Perk of having a toddler!

I don't know why Grandma chose to have her goodbye photo with Theo at bedtime, but this was the best picture of the bunch.  Ironically, Theo and I were looking at these pictures today, and he thought they were great! He liked pointing himself out, and loved seeing Grandma's face!

Corbin invited Theo and I along to his band's basketball game.  As it turns out, Jill McCracken of Jill McCracken and the Last Hooray is quite the fancy photographer. She took the above and below pictures and was kind enough to send me copies. And Jill, if you happen to read this, I heard you might be willing to do a newborn shoot of baby Ruby.  Not to put you on the spot, but I think all of my readers would agree- please do it!!!

While waiting for our hot 'n readies, Corbin plopped Theo in my lap. Between my belly and the steering wheel there wasn't much free space. Corbin had to snap a picture before I threw Theo back out the window.  By the way, I hope no one is too grossed out that I share this, but I had a 36 week streak of not throwing up with this pregnancy. Maybe it was the song that Corbin had just started playing for me that sent me running to the bathroom, but probably not. =)

Cereal hat made a resurgence! 

At Grandma and Grandpa's house, Theo had a luxurious air mattress for his bed, complete with fun printed sheets, and a pillow, which he had never slept with before.  He loved to look at the puppies on it, but who knows how much he actually used it.

It was so fun seeing all my friends in Redlands!  Like this fancy lady above. Summer joined me for a super fun and simple baby shower, along with Kathy and Angela.  We ate frozen yogurt and Rocky Mountain Chocolate Factory, opened adorable baby outfits and toys, and talked and laughed the night away!

Theo forged a love with Buzz Lightyear. He got to take one toy to bed, and Buzz was usually the top candidate.  Corbin would take him after Theo had fallen asleep, because we didn't want Buzz to be our wake up call in the morning with his, "To infinity and beyond!"

Let's talk about that CA weather!  It was gorgeous and sunny the whole time we were there, but the streak of days where it would get up to 85 in the house was a little too much for my 35 week pregnant body. Needless to say, we found every way we could to stay cool: going in the back and playing with the hose and squirt bottle, eating smoothie pops, swimming, and even escaping to the library. By the time our departure date arrived, I was ready to say goodbye to the SoCal sun!

Theo loved seeing his cousins!! Of course, we missed Jett a ton, and wished he were there the whole time.  But we made do and had a grand time.  I never knew a girl's love of puppies could run so deep as Lucy's.  That squinchy nose and closed eyes face she made when you scratched behind her puppy-ears killed me every time!

Corbin took a few days from our California excursion to go to a conference in Provo.  He went on a hike where he almost died, then got to see and say hi to my Aunt Kellie. He had a great time at the conference, then brought back a cooler-full of Provo exclusive treats (Graham Canyon ice cream, JDogs hot dog, Creamery chocolate milk).  What a wonderful husband!

 And that Jacko, such a sweet and tender boy. One day, the three kids and I were the first to get up, so we hung out for a while. Jack started trying to tempt Theo over to him with favorite toys and snacks, in order to get him to snuggle. I tried to explain that Theo liked playing with Jack better than snuggling (with anyone). That same day, during their evening bath, all three kids were playing and splashing.  But Jacko caught a need in his heart for a Theo kiss, and spent the rest of the evening crying and chasing Theo for a kiss.  I tried telling him that Theo shows his love by playing and being silly rather than kisses, but Jacko was having none of it!  Finally at bed time, Jack got a good night kiss that put such a sweet smile on his face.  I love both those boys!

 Photo: Love you both. I wish you much happiness and joy.

Now for the main event of the California trip, the whole reason I was crazy enough to travel so late in the pregnancy game, Kellie and Tyler's wedding!!!!  First off, thanks for getting married so I can say I've been to a sealing that wasn't my own!  I'm glad I had such a good view of Tyler's cute face as he was sealed to my sister for time and all eternity, because it had love written all over it.  Sorry Kell, I couldn't see your face at all, but I'm sure it was the same.  I'm glad I finally got to meet Tyler.  Corbin and I agree that he is adorable, and I'm excited to have him as a brother-in-law.

And I've got to recount this tale so Tyler will never live it down.  When Kellie and Tyler walked in to the sealing room, surrounded by friends and family.  The only chairs in the room are singles, accept for a small couch for the couple to sit on.  Tyler lead Kellie to the couch, then walked to the opposite side of the room and sat down. Everyone was looking at him and at each other trying to figure out what the heck he was doing!  Finally, the sealer (the man performing the ceremony) came in and kindly invited him to sit by his bride, and everyone laughed as he scurried back across the room.  What did I tell you, adorable, right?

Kellie looked so beautiful on their wedding day.  Although it was a million degrees, I'm glad I got to be a part of it.  And major shout out to my mom for putting together and executing a wonderful reception for those kids!  I wished I could have been more helpful, but when a labor and delivery nurse is one of the major players in preparation for the wedding, a pregnant lady can't get a thing done.  I was forced to sit in an air conditioned room with my feet up and a cold bottle of water, lights dimmed and everything.  I can't say that I fought her too much.  Thanks for taking care of me, Angela!

It was so nice being surrounded by my family, and especially getting to share my baby Ruby bump with them.  Tyler's lovely mom introduced herself, and even though she couldn't remember my name, she knew I was Ruby's mommy.  That's a higher compliment, in my mind. 

Another photo compliments of Jill McCracken.