Friday, October 03, 2014

Lots going on

Theo won this wonderful new poster as a prize for pooping in the potty!  Too bad none of the other prizes seem to incentivize well enough.  He may grow out of the new Superman jammies before he earns them.

Here Ruby is playing with her friends at a MOMs club playgroup meeting.  But since there were no friends for Theo to play with, we ditched and went to the park.  I'm trying to get more involved with MOMs club. I want to make more friends in the community, and have a wider variety of activities to join in on.  This Sunday I'm joining some ladies to learn how to make sugar flowers, which will go on a real wedding cake!

Theo decided he wanted to start sleeping on a pillow, and he chose a pink heart-shaped one.  That rash looking thing is a stain from the pillow, and he has matching stains in his hair.  He may be pink for days!  So now he has a brand new pillow of his own, and a Spiderman sheet set to go with it... if he ever earns it by going on the potty!

Thanks Christine for this adorable onesie! All aspects of it are true, and what a happy baby she is!

Last Sunday, Corbin blessed Ruby, and it was so special.  We're so blessed to have that special little spirit in our home, and I'm thankful the guidance I get from the Gospel in how to raise happy, good children.

We were so glad that Corbin's mom, Teri could be with us.  She was here from Saturday to Thursday, and we had lots of fun.  We took her to Palmyra to see the sights.  She got to have many early playdates with Theo when he would wake up before the crack of dawn.

In a fun turn of events, Teri's sister also spent a couple days here.  We all took a turn through Cornell and saw the sights.  We're so glad they could come as the leaves are turning.  We're lucky people to have great family!!

Look at this lady of mystery.  She's so full of intrigue.

Today Theo and I decided to get out Ruby's special mat and dangle her toys.  Once she was laid down, he wanted to squeeze in beside her.  He grabbed her arm and helped her wiggle the toys. He gave her kisses and showed her how fun the toys could really be.

Then he showed his real love by getting his blankie and laying it on her, then snuggling under it with her. This boy loves his little sister.

Sunday, September 21, 2014

Recent Adventures

The Relief Society had an opening social doing go carts, and it was awesome!  I wish we did sweet activities like this more often.  I was having nostalgic flashbacks to Fiesta Village.  My face and hands were frozen at the end of my second round- totally worth it!

This is an older picture, but look at this cute family!

I've been experimenting with hair and makeup styles.  I love getting my hair as high as it can go!

The other day, we were looking for one of Theo's baby dolls, and I suggested we look in my room.  After we walked back there, looked, and couldn't find it, Theo said, "ah well.  Good thinkin', Mommy."  That makes me feel good as a Mommy, knowing that I've at least taught him that phrase.

Ruby was six weeks old when I took these pictures.  Are six week old babies usually so strong?   I don't know, but I love it!

We went raspberry picking last week, and I'm pretty sure it's my new favorite thing. We might have to go again when Grandma Teri comes!

We sure live in a beautiful place.

Theo, Ruby and I might not be the most efficient team, but we got a bunch of good berries.

I had to feed Ruby while we were there, and there's nothing better to occupy a boy than a huge mud puddle. 

Want to use this picture as your wallpaper? I am.

Don't worry, he didn't eat a wild animal. We had a great time painting.

Isn't she a dream? I love snuggling a sleepy baby.

When Theo woke up from his nap, the first thing he did was start grabbing for Ruby. I just thought he wanted her to get her off me, but I realized he wanted to hold her.  So I laid her across his lap, and he stroked her face with his blankie and said she was beautiful.  What a sweet brother!

I sure love my family.  Recently, I was getting ready in the bathroom, and Theo came in saying, "Where's my daddy?" Not a usual phrase he uses, since he knows Daddy is usually at school.  So I looked down and saw he was asking on his little Lightning McQueen's behalf after his big Lightning McQueen bath toy.  When he pulled out the bath toy, the two cars hugged and said, "Mmm, Daddy! I love you, Dadddy!" I think we are raising a very warm boy, and that also makes me feel good as a mommy.

One of my favorite things he says is "lass more." That's his version of "last one." So imagine Theo, in his sing-songy voice, with one more Cheerio in his bowl, saying "lass more!" It's pretty darn cute.

One day, Theo chose a bow for Ruby, and obviously he had to choose one for himself, too.

I think it was a couple weeks ago, we were having dinner and Theo was running around not eating.  Corbin jokingly said he would cry and scream like Theo does if he didn't take this bite. Eventually, Corbin did some silly crying and screaming, not unlike what he does often when they play.  But something about it freaked Theo out.  He froze, then started whimpering. Corbin picked him up for a snuggle, and Theo sat back and screamed a primal scream, like his appendix had chosen that moment to burst.

Eventually Corbin got him to calm down, walking him around and playing with toys. But he would still give Corbin a mistrusting look every now and again.  The worst part about it all was the look on Corbin's face, heartbreak. My two boys are so tender sometimes. That part, I love.

And don't worry, Theo was completely over it by the next day. He sure loves his daddy.

Our lovely neighbors let us borrow this fun car until it gets cold.  Theo doesn't quite get how to drive it, but he sure loves sitting in it.

"I wearing makeup."

"Wingardium leviosa!"  (it's really a laser pointer, Theo is like a cat with his love for the dot)

Tuesday, September 09, 2014

Newborn/family photo shoot

I'm so excited to share these wonderful photos!  The lovely Jill McCracken did a wonderful job at capturing the sweetness of that newborn Ruby.  Thank you so much, Jill!!!

Check out those arm rolls! They've only gotten rolly-er, and I love it.

These are eyes that were just looking into Heavenly Father's eyes. What a precious gift she is to our family.

Talk about looking right into your soul.

It was great having my mom there to wrangle everyone and give picture ideas. 

There are several of us laughing hysterically like this, which are so fun. It was set off by my mom holding me in her arms, but those photos don't flatter anybody.

Three generations of fabulous ladies!

Theo is so sweet to his baby. He always does the little piggies to her toes, and he'll often remind me that she's a beautiful girl.

What a proud daddy!  

It makes me love him that much more to see how he loves his daughter. 

"This is how daddies hold their sons and mommies hold their daughters."  -Corbin

We were outside this afternoon, and saw a very fuzzy caterpillar.  Theo started talking to it, and offered to eat a tomato with it. How kind and generous to share.

There are a little stuffed moon and star attached to a shade on her bassinet. Since she likes to be awake from 8 to midnight, we stick her in there until she gets too lonely and she joins us in our bed.  But in the mean time, she has figured out that if she kicks hard enough, the bassinet moves and wiggles around the star and moon, which she likes to watch.  So while Corbin and I are in our bed, we see hers rocking pretty intensely. What a strong girl!

I can't get enough of these little hands! We sure love our Ruby!

I would also like to give a shout out to the fabulous Sara, for jumping to our rescue on Saturday. We were at a baptism for a friend. Corbin was conducting, and I was nursing Ruby, and Theo was running out the door.  Without our asking or Sara thinking twice, she jumped up and hung out with him until we were ready to parent him again.  She did it twice through the meeting, actually.  I'm thankful for wonderful friends!!!