Monday, March 24, 2014

My kids and my other stuff

Here is a picture that describes our travels back from Argentina.  Theo slept on the bus for two hours like this, snoring away.

He is such a sweet love.  I love how he is talking so much more, he's becoming my little buddy to hang out with.

We have visited the Sciencenter a couple times, and snack time is maybe my favorite.  It's usually just Theo and me in the food room, and we love the quality time together.  

By the way, I'm going to give myself a shout out because of this picture.  I look good.  With none of my clothes fitting anymore, and my hair being a strange length as I grow it out for the show, I celebrate this photo of looking cute.  Thank you.

Speaking of cute girls, here is ours in the works. I can't believe how excited I am that we're really getting a little girl! She was covering her face in the above photo, feeling a little shy. I love daydreaming about all the cute pink dresses I can put her in, and the flowery headbands I can put on her.  Plus, I have hopes that she will be more of a snuggler than Theo ever was.  

Maybe this is what all 20 week babies look like, but I think she looks like newborn Theo in this picture.

I had better not daydream too much about her though, because we still have a long wait until we get to meet her.  In the mean time, she likes to dance around, especially when I'm just getting relaxed. 

Two end notes.  1) it has been snowing for a day and a half straight. Corbin had to shovel the driveway today so I could take him and the two visiting students we're hosting to school.  When will it end?
2) The Taffetas is going great.  We choreographed another medley on Friday, and it turned out so cute! It will be an intense month of practicing, but it will be so fun and worth it!

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teridmama said...

Sweet little Ruby is adorable and absolutely looks like Theo. I am excited that she will have my mom's name. I love the pictures and especially Theo asleep on the bus. :-)

Love you!