Wednesday, February 19, 2014

Evita! And other random things

On Monday, Shelley and Jett showed us a real good time by taking us to the cemetery.  Seriously, it was pretty sweet. We got to see Evita's grave, I guess you call it. 

Since there aren't any anecdotes to go along with this adventure, I'll tell random stories that I've been meaning to write down here. 

One night right after Rick left to get some McDonalds, Theo kept asking me for a hammer.  He lead me into the kitchen and pointed to the cupboard where the treats are, so I was really confused.  I even went to the toy room to get a toy hammer for him, but nothing would do.  Finally, Rick got back with dinner, and as Theo was eating his hamburger, he contentedly said, "hammer." It all came together.

Shelley and Rick have a maid that comes twice a week (which would be so nice). I guess it's the thing to do here.  She is so sweet, and exhausts her English vocabulary trying to talk to me.  She even asked how I was feeling because of the baby.  Yesterday, Theo went into the kitchen where she was working, and came back with a cup of milk.  I guess he downed a few cups before he was satisfied. She is so nice to my silly boy.

Just hanging out with Evita
 For those who don't know, Argentina uses pesos, which are about only a twelfth of a dollar.  But they use the sign for what I understand to be the dollar on price tags.  So when I saw a four pack of rolls with the tag $20, my eyes bugged out of my head for a second. I still haven't gotten quite used to it.

An enormous metal flower, which I guess is a thing here
Jett is such a sweet cousin to Theo, most of the time.  He usually tries to remind Theo of what the rules are, and has called him Sweet Baby, and Chicky Baby (one of my nicknames for him). So I've heard Jett say, "No toys on the balcony, Sweet Baby." Kills me!

Aunt Shelley was so nice to help Theo climb on this cool tree, and hold all our stuff

The people here are so nice, usually.  When we were on the subway, a girl got up from her chair so Theo and I could have a place to sit.  I guess that's the norm here, but I still appreciated it.

When we were on our way home from the cemetery, we caught a cab and started loading all our bags, strollers, and bodies into the small car.  As we were still getting settled, Jett stuck his head up to the taxista and confidently said, "Santa Fe y Coronell Diez, por favor." Accurate directions. The taxista curiously looked at Shelley as she was still ducking into the taxi and repeated the directions.  After a surprised si from Shelley, we were off.  That little man is a charmer.

This one was the most awesomely haunted looking.
 Not to be weird, but I must also comment on how handsome all the men are here.  We see a lot of people walking around on the busy sidewalks here, and I can't believe how many good looking guys there are just walking around, being good looking. And the women are so well shaped.  Who manufactured these people?

Don't cry for me, Argentina! I'm entombed in your awesome cemetery!
 Something else I've noticed is the physical contact that would be weird in the US. Of course there's the kisses for hello and goodbye. But also kids holding their parents hands, like teenage kids. Or ladies walking arm in arm. One of the aforementioned attractive young men was walking with his grandma with linked arms, being so cute.  I told Shelley I admired that.  Even though she agreed with me, she still wouldn't hold my hand when we were on our walk. Lame!

Have I mentioned that I can feel the baby kicking now? This is a lot earlier than it was with Theo, but I hear that's normal.  It's fun feeling the presence of the little human in there, especially now when it's still so small and not uncomfortable.  It's especially poigniant to me when Theo is laying on me and I can feel them both.  I'm gonna have two kids soon. Weird!

Our trip is almost over, and I can't believe how quickly it has gone. There are so many things I'm going to miss when we leave, so I'll need to soak up every minute until we do!

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Sara Passey said...

Glad you are having so much fun! We're looking forward to having you & Theo back in Ithaca!