Sunday, February 16, 2014

The Zoo and Museum

This week was full of big fun things.  On Thursday, we had planned on going to the zoo. Rick took work off and everything.  Unfortunately, Shelley woke up feeling yucky, so the rest of us went without her.

My first dulce du leche experience
 I didn't mean for the first pictures to be ice cream, but here they are.  After we had a delicious lunch next to the bat exhibit, we went to the huge Munchi's a few steps away and got a tasty cold treat for the warm day.

The boys were happy and sticky afterwards.  It was a nice break from walking and sweating.

  Theo needed me to show him how to eat his waffle bowl. So I picked mine up and said, "just do this, Theo." I took a bite, and the whole thing shattered in my hand.  I thought Rick would bust a gut laughing at me.

Here are the huge scary awesome bats.  We went to watch them be "fed," which apparently meant going to watch the zoo keepers hang baskets of fruit in the trees.  They didn't even move.  We thought they'd be flying around and chittering, but nothing. Not impressive, bats.  But you are quite large, so that works.

We got to see tucans fighting, and hearing their beaks clack together was really weird and cool.

The parrots had just been given food when we got there, so there was plenty of action. (take a note from their book, bats!) Most of the bird exhibits were in enclosed spaces that we could walk through, which was cool. At one point, a parrot flew onto the hand rail next to us, saw a crumb by my foot, and flew right down to grab it.  That was pretty sweet.

Oh, when we first got to the park, we asked the boys if they wanted to see some animals, and of course they both yelled, "Yes!!" When I asked Theo what he wanted to see, he yelled with equal excitement, "Cows!!!"  The man loves cows.

It was quite an exhausting day for all of us.  I felt so relieved when Theo finally fell asleep near the end of our trip.  While Rick and Jett went to do some solo exploring, I strolled him over to the llama field and leaned his stroller back on a bench.  I got to sit and enjoy the calm of the llamas and the beautiful cloudy evening.  Not even passers by to interrupt us.  I loved that calm moment.

We got to see full-grown cheetahs wrestling and playing.  We got to see a white tiger taking a swim. We saw huge tortoises digging holes, and prairie dogs rolling around in the dirt.  

Despite the sunburns and day-long recovery from fatigue the next day, and missing Shelley, it was a really great day at the zoo! I can only hope Theo enjoyed seeing the animals as much as I did!

And here is the fattest shark I have ever seen.

For our hot date this week, we went to the Latin American art museum, Malba.  I was expecting it to be all paintings of pueblos and woven rugs (which I now realize was inaccurate anyways.) I was pleasantly surprised at all the wonderful art there.

It was especially fun going with Shelley.  She is a lover of the arts, and it's fun being able to talk about them with her.  Also, I was naughty in thinking it funny how stressed out she would get when I would get "too close" to a work of art.  My poor sister and her protective ways. Sorry for being sassy, Shelley!


And here is a Frida Kahlo.  I don't really like her art, but it's famous so I felt like I should feature it. I wonder if her unibrow was really that defined?

I'm sure glad they let me go on their weekly hot dates!  

Although, I did stay in with the kids on Valentines day so they could go out.  I have a hot Skype date with my hubby and ate yummy dulce de leche while they were gone.  Also, Shelley was a sweet heart and got me a bouquet of flowers.  She also got each of the boys a single rose.  Jett kept hugging her and emphatically saying, "thank you, Mommy!"  Theo, on the other hand, immediately started whacking things with his. What a little romantic!

Anyways... After we got back from the museum, we stopped at the cafe next door to the apartment, and got dessert.  Since they were out of each of the desserts Shelley and I wanted, we both got cheesecake. It was the only food I have been less than impressed with here, just because it was so different than what I was expecting.  It was cakey. And who wants that!  Nevertheless, I ate my whole thing, so...

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teridmama said...

I for one hate bats! I would have been quite happy they didn't move!
Sounds like such a great adventure. Love the blogging and pictures!